Sorry, young stoners of west Glendale and beyond: The cops just jailed your (alleged) hookup.

Kenneth Flye, a 20-year-old Glendale resident who used to live in Burbank, was arrested on Tuesday night after narcotics detectives from the Glendale PD watched a stream of teenagers walk in and out of his house via “undercover police surveillance.”

And this Kenny character wasn't exactly keeping his operation on the DL, according to Sergeant Tom Lorenz:

The suspect — who lives on the second story of an “apartment building behind a residential home” on West Lexington Drive — actually stuck blue tape in the shape of an arrow on the white picket fence, pointing upward at Flye's unit, says Lorenz.

The sergeant also says another blue arrow points sideways toward the gate, accompanied by the word “PUSH.”

“In case your brain's not functioning too well, just look for the blue tape!” says Lorenz. “That'll tell you where to go.”

Flye rents a place in the 500 block of West Lexington, right near the Los Angeles Zoo:

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After receiving multiple reports from neighbors and community members that something majorly sketchy was going on at Flye's residence, five or six officers staked out the place and “determined that transactions were being made,” according to Lorenz.

Although detectives haven't determined exactly how many kids were affected, they say Flye “had a very large customer base, from teens on up to young adults in their early 20s.” His buyers allegedly included high-schoolers from a multitude of Glendale campuses — even some in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Because, says Lorenz, “there are obviously no geographic boundaries when somebody wants to find their bud.”

Truer words were never spoken. Here's the stash that drug cops say they recovered from Flye's den, along with an undetermined amount of cash:

Credit: Glendale Police Department

Credit: Glendale Police Department

Nice canteen, bro. And we have to say — if you're going to make an (alleged) post-high-school career of pot-slinging, we couldn't think of a better name than MFing Kenny Flye.

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