The 44-year-old Thousand Oaks woman charged for the murder of 21-year-old model-actress Juliana Redding was scheduled to be arraigned next week, on July 6.

Meanwhile documents filed by the District Attorney's office indicate the suspect, Thousand Oaks resident Kelly Soo Park, received $383,400 from a Marina Del Rey doctor before and after the killing. That doctor, Park's employer, is M.I.A.

Prosecutors believe Park received $250,000 three weeks before the actress from Arizona was found dead in her Santa Monica apartment in March of 2008. The rest, from Munir Uwaydah, apparently came in the days after the woman happened to have been murdered.

Uwaydah is believed to have left the country.

Interestingly, two comments on a previous post about the case indicated that the doctor dated models and also had gone out with Park — and that he sponsored the off-road race car of someone said to be Park's boyfriend, Ronnie Case.

While we can't confirm these possible connections, Case was arrested along with Park for the murder earlier this month, although he has not been charged.

Park faces 25 years to life behind bars if she's convicted.

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