That's right the American Idol winner was just chosen to be the “it” girl for the racing sport. But you're not really surprised are you? (Not that there isn't a special place in my heart for NASCAR.)

According to the press release I just received: “Nearly 50% of NASCAR fans are female and with the new season just weeks away, the ladies on the track want to look fabulous while supporting their favorite driver.” The singer has recently been in the news for refusing to allow new American Idol contestants sing her songs, until Simon Cowell threw an “I made you, I can break you” fit and she subsequently changed her mind.

Kelly had already proclaimed her love of NASCAR, and to show it she just signed on to do a high profile ad for the sport, she'll be a spokesperson at an event, and attend an award dinner.

Good for her and all of that. What I'm not so sure about is the “pit lizard” tank. A pit lizard used to referred to a gold digging woman who hangs out in the pit to pick-up race car drivers. But, perhaps unknown to the designers, “pit lizzard” has become synonymous with words like with “whore” and “skank.”

LA Weekly