Looking for dates in all the wrong places? How about discovering that the right place combines your love of political discourse, eclectic music, and a quirky look at the culinary world. Radio station KCRW is putting forth its inner yenta with Dinner Date.

For awhile now a group of us at KCRW has been noticing that the people who come to our events seem to have a lot to say to each other even if they've never met before. The singles amongst us simultaneously got a thought bubble about KCRW venturing into the date match space. This of course led to riotous laughter and a spate of catchy unusable names. And yet, the idea lingered. After all, we have this huge list of restaurants that support the station through the fringe benefits member discount program. We have DJs who love to share their favorite playlists. So there you have food and music. Doesn't Shakespeare say “If music be the food of love play on”? But in this town it doesn't really have to be about searching for love. It can just be about searching for good conversation, friendship and possibilities. And so much of what the station is exploring now is about possibility. Bringing people together is at the heart of that.

So the radio station created a partnership with dineLA, to present pop-up supperclubs that combine great food, creative mixology, songlists by KCRW DJs and a chance to mingle with new KCRW friends.

With that tight a demographic you could do a lot worse. Next up on May 22 Dinner Date takes over Joe's in Venice. Chef Joe Miller's market driven Asian-California cuisine was the first to make Abbot Kinney an eating destination. Tickets are $30 (excluding drinks and 20% gratuity). A special $15 Red & White Open Bar will be available.

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