The train wreck that is Katt Williams' latest comedy tour has taken some bizarre turns in Seattle.

The Weekly has learned that his Thursday no show was caused not by an arrest, as audience members were told, but by an episode in which Williams' Hummer ran out of gas on the way to the event and the comedian allegedly slashed its tires and rammed it with a backup vehicle.

This as a source says some members of the L.A.-based comedian's touring staff have been quitting over the chaos:

One of the 100-city tour's DJs packed up on-stage during the Seattle show Friday and quit, we were told. At least two other on-stage acts bailed along with a personal assistant. Our source claims one of the acts was assaulted backstage.

Yesterday after noon Williams was arrested at a Seattle bar on suspicion of “assault, harassment and obstruction,” says the local Fox affiliate:

According to the Seattle Police Department, Williams, who was in town to perform a show at the Parmount Theater, exchanged words with patrons at the bar and brandished a pool cue at the bar manager. Williams also allegedly flicked a cigarette at a woman in a car.

When officers tried to arrest Williams, he allegedly struggled and refused.

Williams has surrounded himself with thugs, including rap impresario Suge Knight, we were told.

Last week Williams allegedly led authorities in Sacramento on a bizarre chase as he rode a three-wheeled motorbike. He had bought a matching one for Suge Knight in gangster “blood red,” we were told.

Credit: Katt Williams / Facebook

Credit: Katt Williams / Facebook

On Thursday, after Williams Hummer ran out of gas, an assistant arrived in a Hummer, and the comedian allegedly got in and rammed his own car with it, our source says.

Back in Oakland a few weeks ago Williams was jailed for allegedly breaking a bottle over someone's head. During that tour stop his Bentley was stolen, we were told.

A night after being released from jail in Oakland he got on stage at his concert and challenged audience members to fight for about 10 minutes before apparently abandoning the show.

We were told he was still angry about the Bentley being stolen in Oakland. But on-stage, a member of his entourage grabbed the mic and blamed drugs, saying:

… This n—-'s high up in here tonight … This is what happens with a n—- purchases his dope from Oakland, California.

Before Oakland there was Denver, where folks were treated to babbling, heckling and another bout of stage abandonment by Williams according to reports.

The tour is road-bound, based around an RV and a caravan of cars. Three years ago Williams said he was through with stand-up and would retire.

His latest 100-stop tour isn't even on 10 cities yet.

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