Karina Sayed – Setting Standards

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“The bottom line: investing in real estate is smart because the property is tangible. People always have, and always will, need shelter. This means it is very unlikely that our need for shelter (i.e., buying or renting homes) will ever go away.”

  • Kathy Fettke, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of RealWealth

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It is the dream of every man to possess a shelter on the most pocket-friendly budget. However, with every desire comes additional demands and sacrifices; some might be more focused on the aesthetics of their dream place, and others might just need a little bit more security. At the same time, some demand a more spacious residence. With the regular fastidious development around the sphere, one must not need to worry about finding the right accommodation. But the question arises, how does one find the exact property in a crowded city full of bustling communities and a diverse collection of landscapes throughout the municipality? If one sets foot to find the required property on his own in an enormous city, he sure might be misguided. Alas, returning with immense exhaustion and failure on his end. To optimize one’s time and overcome all kinds of misguidance, and confusion, real estate agents like Karina Sayed have set foot in the real estate market to navigate the general populace toward their desired properties.

Mexican realtor Karina Deborah Sayed was born on 1st July 1973 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Karina has destroyed all norms by unleashing her epic performance in the real estate market, which is normally known to be maneuvered by masculine forces. Her brilliancy in her domain has led her to hold memberships of eminent corporations, some of which are as follows:

  • Asociacion Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios (AMPI), Playa del Carmen Section.
  • Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)
  • AMPI, Cancun
  • Secretaría de Desarrollo Territorial Urbano Sustentable (SEDETUS)

Her passion in the field of real estate took a sharp cut, witnessing her family’s strong connection to dealing with property-related investments. In the year 1995, she came to a final decision to transmute her childhood passion for property dealing into a permanent career by aspiring her higher education at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), where she earned a degree as a certified public accountant.

Sayed started her professional career in the field of real estate after completing her post-graduation. Prior to that, Sayed managed financial services for commercial, retail, and industrial companies, subjecting herself to an exceptional amount of knowledge of international trade. Adrenalized by her entrepreneurial skills and her devotion to offering the best services in the market, Sayed established her own real estate agency, Playa Realtors, in January 2008, located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  The company offers a variety of services to investors and property hunters, such as Real Estate services, Investment services, and Management services.

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It was under Sayed’s supervision and her excellency in accounts and finance of more than 25 years that, to the present day, Playa Realtors Corp. has grown to become one of the top commercial real estate companies in Southern Mexico with more than 2.2 million square feet of residences, offices, commercial spaces, and mixed-used space developed, 155 thousand square feet under management, an investment portfolio valued at more than $100 million USD and a widespread presence that leverages the experience of their staff across the nation.

Sayed takes complete responsibility for building a healthy relationship between both owners and investors to deliver asset management services. Karina is a licensed real estate agent and an expert in various areas, including supreme negotiable skills and extensive knowledge of the local market and law, along with an extended array of networks with trusted associates, making her the best in the region.

Apart from professional life, Sayed is known to have great compassion for the less privileged and does not step back from participating in philanthropic activities. She has a strong faith in the saying, “What goes around comes around.” Based on these beliefs, she is found performing various donations and charities to organizations engaged in the betterment of mankind. On a personal front, Sayed leads a happy married life along with her three sons in Playa del Carmen- Mexico.

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