Karen Murillo Co-Authors “Leamoslo Otra Vez: ” A Resource for Spanish-Speaking Early Childhood Programs

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Translator and chief creator of Leamoslo Otra Vez, Graciela Borja of HighScope Mexico, spoke about HighScope trainer Karen Murillo in an interview, saying that her invaluable input was “very helpful, and I am glad that we were co-partners in the adaptation of these first five storybooks.” High praise from a coworker is undoubtedly warranted for Murillo. However, it does little to present the scope of her accomplishments and the path she has traveled to become the person she is today: a former teacher and well-respected educator, researcher, and neuropsychologist.

Murillo was propelled along her inspiring journey while earning her master’s degree in neuropsychology and education. Pursuing this degree opened her up to fully understanding the development of young minds and how the adults and educators around children shape them. Murillo saw an avenue to help children who struggle to thrive in a conventional learning setting by adapting to their needs instead of expecting the child to acclimate themselves. She has since made it her life’s goal to help transform families and children into better human beings through education.

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Murillo has been deeply involved with education and children since she began working as a teenage nanny many years ago. After starting her professional development as a business administrator major and co-founding a private education program in Mexico City, she found her passion in the classroom. She then became a certified ESL teacher for young children. Murillo developed multiple manuals and curriculum training for teachers and accepted the duties of a coach and coordinator for teachers specializing in early childhood development, pre-K, and elementary school.

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With a master’s in neuropsychology and education, Murillo created a weekly program during the COVID-19 pandemic to train and support families while teaching middle school students and training other teachers. She was soon made a member and associate of HighScope Mexico Institute, where she developed online learning courses and workshops for teachers all across Mexico. Additionally, as a member of HighScope, Murillo co-authored the “Interactive Read-Alouds” or “Leamoslo Otra Vez” in Spanish for distribution in U.S. Spanish-speaking schools and Latin American school settings. Murillo was then invited to be a researcher for the HighScope Educational Research Foundation, where she also participated as a coach and trainer for the i3 project and ultimately solidified herself as an early childhood specialist in the development department.

Murillo’s path to becoming a highly-respected educator has been filled with challenges followed by exceptional perseverance. While the future is almost always uncertain, some things remain consistent, and Murillo’s dedication to her work as an educator is a prime example. Her devotion to transforming traditional education and how children may reach their full potential is not only unwavering but inspirational. Murillo remains tirelessly passionate about parenting and education and is convinced that investing in our present is the only authentic way to transform our future. Her ongoing work aims to nurture the world’s future leaders.

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