Usually when there's an offer for a celebrity sex tape, it involves porn-maker Vivid Entertainment bidding for the goods so it can release the images for the world to see.

In this story, however, we visit Oppositeland, because an anonymous client of Nashville attorney Adam Dread is offering big bucks for the rights to (NSFW), which Vivid claims is its all-time best-selling celebrity sex tape, according to the adult video company.

Of course, the immediate speculation is …

… that Mrs. KK herself wants the tape off the market after her recent wedding (to someone other than her pornographic co-star, which in that case was bf Ray J).

How much is it worth?; Credit: Vivid

How much is it worth?; Credit: Vivid

Now, if you were Kris Humphries, Kardashian's new hubby, you'd probably sleep better knowing that that thousands of men were not pleasuring themselves to thoughts of your new bride (who wore Vera Wang-designed white).

The offer, according to a statement Vivid sent to the Weekly and other outlets, quotes the attorney as offering to also buy “any other footage you may have control of that involves Ms. Kardashian.”

Vivid chief Steve Hirsch says of the offer, “I'm convinced it's genuine and I'm intrigued.”

There's two ways to see this, though:

-As an offer from the KK camp to clean up her act: The video had its use — as a publicity tool for the Kardashian reality show juggernaut and her related beauty and fashion products and endorsements — and now it's time to draw the curtains.

Kardashian and Ray J.; Credit: Vivid

Kardashian and Ray J.; Credit: Vivid

-Or, this could be a clever move by Vivid to squeeze more cash from its vault in the wake of KK's headline-making wedding.

After all, Hirsch notes that the tape features Mrs. Kardashin in “steamy, explicit sexual scenes.”

That's just about enough to get us to the video store on bended knee. (In other words, Buy it now! It could be a collector's item someday soon).


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