If you believe some of the reporting on Kanye West's run-in with an 18-year-old heckler at a Beverly Hills medical office, you might come away thinking the teen allegedly got his face beat in.

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Cops, however, seem to be shrugging it off as a minor confrontation. A Beverly Hills police official told the Weekly that this could amount to a misdemeanor allegation, if that.

The reason?
“Injuries,” the official said.

Turns out the difference between a misdemeanor battery case and a felony assault with a deadly weapon case is a victim's face. In this case it would appear cops don't have a lot of facial evidence.

In some cases a foot, shoe, or fist could be a deadly weapon. Is West allegedly using an open hand?

The run-in in the 8800 block of Wilshire Boulevard was reported at 12:15 p.m. Monday, Beverly Hills police said.

TMZ reported that the man-teen allegedly used the n-word on Kim Kardashian. She called West, the teen allegedly again used that fighting word, and West allegedly hit the guy.

“It looks like a battery if they write it up,” the official says, referring to a possible misdemeanor case that could be recommended by detectives. It was still under investigation.

The District Attorney's office will have the last say on how this goes, as only prosecutors have the power to charge. But it doesn't look like West will be arrested, at least not by Beverly Hills police, the official said.

“We make the best call we can,” the officer said. “Sometimes we arrest for assault with a deadly weapon and the D.A. laughs at us. This was pretty minor.”

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