Clubgoers at 1Oak on the Sunset Strip got a treat last night when Yeezus himself dropped by to play an unreleased track off his apparently never-to-be-finished opus, The Life of Pablo. Then, as nearly always happens when Kanye West is anywhere near a microphone and/or his Twitter account, things got weird.

After playing the new song, “Closest Thing to Einstein,” which addresses his recent financial troubles, West launched into a 20-minute rant that touched on everything from his ongoing beefs with Taylor Swift and Amber Rose to a somewhat desperate-sounding plea for more fans to subscribe to Jay Z's music-streaming service, Tidal.

“Y'all love Hov? Who love Hov?” West exhorted the cheering crowd. “Each and every one of y'all in this club right now, I need y'all to sign up for Tidal right now.”

He then laid into his latest nemesis, Taylor Swift, reiterating his previous claim that he had gotten her approval before including a verse in the track “Famous” that says, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.” “I said, 'How you feel about this line, Taylor?' … She said, 'Ooh, Kanye, I like that line.' Then she won her award and said something completely different! She's not cool no more. She had two seconds to be cool and she fucked it up!”

From there, West's monologue bounced from Amber Rose (“[She] ain't never stick her fingers in my ass — I don't play like that!”) to the Grammys, and the recent trend of white artists like Beck and Macklemore winning over black artists like Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar. “I ain't trying to diss Beck — he's a nice human being,” West insisted. “Such as Macklemore is a nice human being. The fuck outta here! They disrespecting us!”

Finally, he went back to his table with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, who are apparently back together now, if you care about that sort of thing. And 1Oak patrons went back to frantically posting video to their Snapchats and Instagrams.

Crazy or not, Kanye continues to make some cool music. Here's “Closest Thing to Einstein,” which rocks an old-school beat and some hard truths about money, fame and the unbearable burden of being Kanye West.

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