See that, Everybody-In-The-World-That-Hates-Kanye-West? It's possible to get mad at Taylor Swift over a video music award and give back to the community (who'd have thought?). is reporting that Kanye West and girlfriend/model Amber Rose were at the LA Mission the day after Christmas to help feed the needy.

West took the trip to skid row, where he donned an apron and worked the kitchen. Said Mr. West, “[It's nice] to spread your blessings and take time out, especially during the holidays to appreciate people who never get that appreciation. It makes me feel really good to come out here, [with] my family, and I just thank y'all for allowing us to be apart of this.”

For more on the Los Angeles Mission, and information on how to help give back, visit them via their website, blog, Twitter or Facebook.

Los Angeles Mission, 303 East 5th Street, L.A., 213) 629-1227.

LA Weekly