The man cops say gunned down four people in a shocking quadruple murder in Northridge last month was formally charged in connection with the crime today.

The L.A. County District Attorney's office announced that Ka Pasasouk was hit with capital murder after the LAPD said he shot Teofilo Navales, Robert Calabia, Amanda Ghossein and Jennifer Kim outside a boarding home in the 17400 block of Devonshire Street Dec. 2.

According to a statement, his case includes “special circumstance” murder times four counts as well as …

… one count of attempted murder, five counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon with five priors. The complaint, PA075729, alleges personal discharge of a handgun and the special circumstance of multiple murders.

Pasasouk, a 31-year-old member of a Filipino gang known as Pinoy Real, was arrested in Las Vegas a day after the carnage. He was quickly extradited to California.

The D.A.'s office says he's due in court to face the music Jan. 25. The special circumstance allegations mean Pasasouk could be eligible for the death penalty if convicted.

Initial reports indicated he might have been angered about a missing or stolen laptop.

But the real story after his arrest was why a man with such an extensive and recent criminal past was on the streets at all.

Though three others were also arrested in connection with the crime, Pasasouk is the only one who has been charged. The D.A.'s office says “an investigation is ongoing.”

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