When Justin Bieber plays Los Angeles, it's teen-spirit mayhem, no doubt. And when Justin Bieber plays New York, things get way totally out of hand, for sure. (To the chaotic tune of possible assault. Though to the shrieking tween hordes, it might as well have been an assassination attempt.)

But the L.A. pop industry's youngest and most borderline-lesbian male heartthrob (unless you count Greyson Chance) slays no tween like he slays a Mexi-tween.

Video proof, brought to you by a hyperventilating “news” reporter from INFO7.MX:

One has not yet glimpsed the coming apocalypse until one has YouTubed these girls (and, embarrassingly, full-grown women) throwing their ticket-line tantrums and pleading with Bieber, as if he were some baby-faced god, to schedule another date at the Arena Monterrey.

Even Howard Stern is not too white/adult-content-oriented to have Tweeted out a link to the Mexican news clip today.

As for the sentences these chicks (sort of) manage to form between sobs. Not that you really need a translation — as the symptoms of Bieber fever are pretty universally recognizable, by now — but FYI: One interviewee says she's been standing in line for days, only to strike out, and another heartbroken fan says she's been saving money for the tickets for 15 years.

[Update: Make that, she was going to spend all the money she'd been saving for her 15th birthday on Justin Bieber tickets. So, not as creepy as we thought. Thanks to Alasdfsadf, commenter, for making this newscast — aka, the end of the world — a little less terrifying.]


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