Forgive us if we gloat. But we brought this to your attention early on: The woman who has filed a paternity suit against Justin Bieber admits that she allegedly had sex with him when he was underage (he still is) and she wasn't.

Turns out the LAPD figured this out too. Officer Rosario Herrera told us today that the department is looking into the matter, but she emphasized that no complaint has been filed.

Mariah Yeater says she was 19 …

… when she and the singer got it on backstage at an L.A. concert last year. Her baby is now three months old.

The San Diego Union-Tribune notes that Yeater is from the S.D. County town of Lakeside. The U-T:

Under California law, anyone who has sex with a minor and is not more than three years older is guilty of a misdemeanor, which carries up to a one-year jail sentence.

The paper reports that the teen was evicted from the apartment she shared with her mother one month after giving birth.

She wants a paternity test. And support. Lots of teen superstar support.

Bieber would have been 16 at the time. LAPD spokesman Richard French said such a hypothetical relationship is called “unlawful sex with a minor.”

So don't let the law get in the way of your dreams.

And, remember ladies, jail bait isn't just for men anymore.


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