The show didn't end after Kinky, but my laptop battery did. After a full day of jogging up and down the streets to catch good bands, things seemed to slow after the sun went down – not in the quality of the music, but definitely set times. Satellite Party may not have started late, but they finished kind of late. Closing the set with “Stop,” and “Jane Says” though (and “The Mountain Song” a little earlier), no one complained.

Raveonettes sounded good, but apologized for not quite matching the festive mood of the audience. “You've been drinking all day. We haven't.” Indeed. Then the wait for Justice to start seemed to go for way too long. Most people didn't seem to mind though. Matt Fleischer wandered by trying to find a Sprite, which I had to admit sounded like a damn good plan.

Here are some videos of some of the performances from last night. A good time had by all. And unlike the Chicago marathon, no one got hurt.


The Noisettes: Count of Monte Cristo

The Noisettes:Bridge To Canada


Satellite Party – Jane Says

Satellite Party – Stop




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