When looking out over the restaurant and food shop landscape, what comes to mind when pondering the question “what's missing here? What do we need more of?”

If the answer you came up with was “CUPCAKES!” then you're in luck. Because the trend that won't die is getting two new soldiers in its battle for sugary dominance.

The first, Georgetown Cupcakes, opens to the public on Saturday at noon at 143 South Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills. They'll be giving away one free cupcake per person all day, presumably because cupcakes are like crack and once you've tasted one you'll become a nasty cupcake fiend. The store is an outpost of the Washington, D.C. store of the same name, run by sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne. They also star in the TLC show DC Cupcakes.

And at some point over the Thanksgiving weekend, Sprinkles Cupcakes will open a new location at the Grove. The original Sprinkles in Beverly Hills claims to be the world's first cupcake bakery, so they almost get a pass for continuing to flog the trend, if only because they helped create it.

But I do wish we could move on to the next thing, already. I'd prefer a few mediocre pie shops to an avalanche of more cupcakes. Or ice cream sandwiches. I know! How about Kugelhopf?! Chocolate Kugelhopf! Poppy seed Kugelhopf!! You could even make mini ones if you want. Just really, anything but cupcakes.

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