File this under “Who knew?” Jurassic 5 alumnus Chali 2na has been plenty busy over the years (most recently dropping his solo debut, Fish Outta Water), and DJs Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark stay active, but we haven't heard peep from the group's three other ex-members (Jurassic 5 was actually a “6”). Until now, of course. This just in from the previously M.I.A. Marc7 and Soup.

“This is Marc7 & Soup formerly of Jurassic 5 and we want to thank you guys for all your support over the course of our careers. Without you guys, we would never have been able to accomplish our dreams as recording artists.

Unfortunately due to internal problems, as you know J5 is no more, but that hasn't kept Soup and I from creating music.”

And that new music has a name: Portable Payback. A bad name, but a name nonetheless. So how is the music? It's more or less what you'd expect — kinda soulful, kinda innocuous, kinda 1998. At least, that's the single, “Relax.” Further research reveals not only a Digable-esque smooth-groover called “Should I,” but an arguably misguided attempt at AutoTune-utilizing clubbage. Here's a sample couplet from “Slick Talk.”

“Ooh, I need a hollaback, girl / And I shouldn't have to ask, 'Can you swallow that, girl?' / I know you hate how how it seem / But my game does stretch on like the legs of Yao Ming.”

Feeling wooed yet? In the promo video below, the long-game-having Marc7 explains the duo's handle, which has nothing to do with concealable guns or credit card rewards.

More songs streaming on Portable Payback's MySpace page.

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