Junkyard and Little Caesar Return to the Viper: A superb double bill here, as the historic Viper Room on Sunset reopens its doors and seeks a return to normality. Both of these bands were around for the hair metal glory years on the Strip, but both were a little more in the “biker metal” mold. Not quite as pretty.

Junkyard’s self-titled 1989 debut album, with the awesome “Hollywood” single, remains beloved but they also dropped a relative newie in 2017 — High Water. Meanwhile Little Caesar released their eighth studio album, appropriately titled Eight, in 2018. Clearly neither band is content to tread water in the nostalgia pool. Both still rock hard, and it’ll be great to see them together in this room.

Junkyard and Little Caesar Return to the Viper: The event takes place at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 17 at the Viper Room.

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