June 8 – 14 Rock Picks

Kate Sullivan's January interview with Morrissey ">Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl - Friday June 8Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl - Friday June 8 The patron expat of Los Angeles, beloved even after relocating to Italy (did it have anything to do with the World Cup?), will have a none-more-victorious reinstatement tonight as he graces the Hollywood Bowl for a second time. Its been 15 years, five albums and a couple of massive lawsuits spectacles teeming with evil legal eagles, accountants rampant, lawyer liar et al as recounted in one song too many. Back then, Moz was cresting on the glam-racket Your Arsenal toward the career-best dizzy heights of Vauxhall and I. Now more adversarial than ever, a barrel-chested raconteur backed by an ever-expanding band of slick-hair anonyms, Morrissey is positively regal. Age may stop him from kicking anyone in the eye these days, but Mozs big mouth still strikes. Therell probably be a sour couplet here and a clunky tune there (please, please, please, no Alma Matters), but, crooning the glorious miseries of shut-in souls, amber-gold guitars jangling along, Morrissey remains the tormented ringleader to beat. (Bernardo Rondeau) Kate Sullivan's January interview with Morrissey
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