It appears that Julien Blanc, the young man who has sparked an international furor over his misogynistic seminars on how to pick-up and discard women, is based in Los Angeles. Why are you not surprised?

Blanc and a “dating advice” institution he's affiliated with, Real Social Dynamics (which has the motto, “success with women”), both list the same West Hollywood phone number as their contacts.

The young man has the distinction of being kicked out of Australia recently after going there to conduct his notorious dating workshops.


His techniques have been criticized as “manipulative and degrading.”

Blanc has essentially advocated grabbing the throats of random women. And video of one of his teaching sessions shows Blanc claiming that white men can simply go up to Japanese women in Tokyo and “just grab her” by the back of the head.

“Head on dick,” he says.

His tweets aren't any less subtle. “Don't forget to treat women how you don't want to be treated” is one classic. “Dear girls, could you please save me the effort and roofie your own drink? #JustKidding” is another.

You get the picture.

His presence in Australia sparked a Twitter backlash, and then protests, and then the boot. And now officials in Canada and the United Kingdom are being pressured to keep Blanc and his pick-up workshops out.

There's even a petition, started by Washington, D.C.'s Jennifer Li, that asks “hotels and venues” to refuse to host Blanc and his seminars:

Julien Blanc and his group, RSD (Real Social Dynamics) are a group of sexist and racist “pick up artists,” who have made a living by teaching men how to violate women through physical and emotional abuse.

Lee says she's behind the #TakeDownJulienBlanc social-media juggernaut. She claimed success in Australia and now says some American hotels, including the Marriott's Courtyard Seattle Downtown and the Hilton Garden Inn Austin, are closing their doors to Team Blanc.

Strangely, global outrage over Blanc and his bedding scheme hasn't quite struck Los Angeles, home of Real Social Dynamics, with the same furor seen elsewhere.

That could change. We emailed Blanc and phoned RSD but had yet to hear back. We also reached out to a prominent feminist who wasn't ready to comment or take action  yet. Yet.

Stay tuned.

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