Bail for the woman accused of killing an up-and-coming model/actress was increased on Tuesday from $1 million to $3.5 million. Kelly Soo Park, a 44-year-old who worked for an area doctor who did business with the model's father, is charged with killing 21-year-old Santa Monica resident Juliana Redding in 2008.

Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz agreed to up the bail, but not to the $5 million mark requested by prosecutors.

Redding was found dead in her apartment on March 16 of that year after her mother, worried after she hadn't heard from the young woman, called police and asked them to conduct a welfare check.

Park received $250,000 from her employer, Dr. Munir Uwaydah, three weeks before the murder, according to Santa Monica Det. Karen Thompson. Park's own father received $113,400 before her arrest, according to court documents.

The payments reportedly prompted prosecutors to ask for the increased bail amount for Park.

The detective stated that some kind of business deal between Uwaydah and the victim's father, Greg Redding, “fell apart” five days before the killing.

Uwaydah is said to have left the country, according to one report.

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