Television legend and Pasadena native Julia Child, who inspired millions of aspiring chefs with her long-running cooking show, would have celebrated her 100th birthday tomorrow. With an almost half-century of footage in the old public television vaults, it's no surprise that PBS decided to create a compilation video to celebrate one of the country's favorite home cooks.

But this time it seems that an uber-hip DJ (John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep) decided to give Julia a stylish twist by creating an auto-tuned remix of Child's greatest hits. The video is part of PBS' Icons Remixed series, which released auto-tune videos featuring Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers.

Child lays down some smooth crooning about plump chickens, roasted potatoes and — merde! — hot chocolate truffles. If that wasn't mesmerizing enough, there's a funky knife-chopping solo a la Stomp and a rhythmic tutorial on “beating up the dough,” followed by the silky refrain, “This is what good cooking is all about.” T-Pain, eat your heart out.

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