A journalist who claimed she suffered physical and emotional damage after she was mowed down by Los Angeles police during the “May Day Melee” in MacArthur Park in 2007 was awarded $1.7 million by a jury.

According to UPI, Fox 11 News camera operator Patricia Ballaz got the big award last week after demonstrating she was not able to work after the incident, which sent her to the hospital for repeated surgeries and treatments.

KPCC (89.3 FM) reporter Patricia Nazario was awarded $39,000 under the same suit; but Fox 11 News journalist Christina Gonzalez, [CORRECTION] who's married to a retired Rialto police official who's married to a Los Angeles police official and is seen on tape going to the ground and telling an officer that he can't do that, did not receive an award after jurors could not come to an agreement about her particular case.

The city already had agreed to payout more than $13 million in settlements, including $450,000 to five other journalists who were allegedly mowed down or mistreated by cops.

The pro-immigrant rally got out of hand when a few people in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at cops. Officers were ordered to march through the park in a skirmish line to clear it out. Unfortunately, many members of the media had set up there — legitimately so.

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