Joshua Shull, Founder of Shull Homes, Celebrates First Article on Apple News

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Real estate is not typically considered an industry that receives vast press attention. Publication editors and audience members commonly mistake it for an uneventful sector that insiders can only understand. But the reality is property can be as intriguing a trade as any other, especially in light of brokers usually being self-employed business owners in their own right. Over the past few months, Joshua Shull has emerged from his traditionally inaccessible sector to become a more visible personality due partly to his rising online profile and self-description as a business owner.

Last month, Shull celebrated his first exposure on the Apple News platform, potentially multiplying his audience size by several times. The achievement was a landmark both for the Shull Homes brand and the broader real estate sector, as entrepreneur influencers have grown in popularity in the past few years without a clear figurehead from property. It follows several other articles noting his emphasis on companyculture and unique approach to employee retention.

“The company was recently featured in Apple News,” Shull announced in a YouTube video. “And the nature of the article was something to do with creating culture in the workplace. Read the article—you can kinda figure out where it went.”

The Apple News article, written and published over Summer 2022, centered on educating readers about growing an attractive real estate agency. However, its spotlight on company culture quickly became its most memorable point due to Shull’s advocacy for a ‘hands-off’ leadership approach. It was an issue he would expand on in commentaries on his LinkedIn profile.

Since the article went live, Shull has offered further observations on workplace culture and being a real estate business owner. The piece’s content was generated through an off-the-cuff-style interview format; therefore, the initial thoughts published had an element of spontaneity rather than prolonged consideration.

“Without the proper attitude, an asset really becomes a liability, and it’s my job to keep morale exactly where it needs to be,” he expanded. “The most fundamental element of making that job easy on me is matching the ambition with the vision. We’ve attracted some really awesome people that I couldn’t have headhunted with an executive budget.”

After developing the article’s content with additional insight, Shull shared some positive thoughts and feelings on his company’s current state. Using visual media as the platform to elaborate may have provided a personability that has augmented the original written piece. Nonetheless, the founder’s first presentation to a mass audience seems to have created a sound basis on which he looks likely to build a larger public profile.

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