Running for office is hard. Just ask Josh Post, one of the dozen candidates for Eric Garcetti's council seat. 

Today, Post uploaded a statement to his website on government transparency. In it, he vows to create a website that would show citizens how their money is being spent. So far so good, but he can't quite stick the landing:
“By involving more local residents and creating a more transparent government, Josh hopes to restore the faith that has eroded in recent years. 'There will be no back-room deals. And if I am elected,' says Josh, 'I will bring __________________________writers block. ______________thoughts how to end??———-“

OK. Since you asked, here's how to end it. 
“And if I am elected,” says Josh, “I will bring all stakeholders together and ensure that all voices are heard. Because it's not about what I can do as a councilman. It's about what we can do together for our city.”

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