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The only thing funnier than an L.A. comedian on shrooms has to be an L.A. bank executive on bath salts — and, unfortunately, we don't have video of the latter.

So we'll have to settle for this retarded-hilarious clip from an early May episode of The Price Is Right, which makes a lot more sense now that we know contestant “Joshua” was actually local comic god Josh Androsky, and was actually on shrooms.

Androsky's cousin Jordan proudly posted the clip to Reddit yesterday…

… and by this morning, it had caught the attention of Gawker blogger Neetzan Zimmerman. Thus directing more young eyes to Drew Carey's uber-hokey The Price Is Right since its glory days in the 1970s.

Much to Reddit's delight, Androsky posted the behind-the-scenes story of the legendary “Skateboard Rabbi” in the comments for his cousin's video once it hit the front page. In short, the comedian says he went on an “Easter Drug Hunt” with his friends, got really fucking drunk, rented a Hummer limo and drove it to the Price Is Right headquarters on Beverly Boulevard — where he was interviewed and in turn selected as a game-show participant. We've copy-pasted the entire thing below, because we couldn't find a single word that wasn't too perfect to omit.

Hey bros/ladybros (who am i kidding it's mostly dudes),

I'm Josh (not the one on meth, but the one on shrooms.)

First, I wanna thank my cousin Jordan for posting this.

Secondly, I'd like to provide a little context. I'm a comedian, and I was there with 20 other comics for our friend Tess's 30th birthday. We started the day at 9:00am with an Easter Drug Hunt (WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE), drank copious amounts of dark liquor and canned champagne and then went to the studio in a white escalade limo (i know, i know, when you see a fucking limo you think two things: 1. those guys are assholes or 2. that's a pretty cool quincenera)

We get to the studio and apparently they don't just let any schmuck on the Price Is Right, so they pre-interviewed us. We all decided to come up with different jobs, because we didn't think they'd let us on the show if we said we were comics. So it was everything from Baby Yoga Instructor to my friend Sean just screaming “I WORK IN AN OFFICE BUT I KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN.”

I was all set to say I was a purveyor of fine exotic birds and reptiles (i coulda been hiding a fucking lizard in my beard, you wouldn't have known shit), but y'know MUSHROOMS, so i froze and said the first two words that came to my head: “Skateboard Rabbi.” And you guys I really really really wanted to win a fucking jetski, so I had to commit to that lie.

My favorite moment of the whole show was actually cut out for TV. When I first told Drew I was a Skateboard Rabbi, everyone started laughing, but the stage manager started scribbling furiously on a piece of paper, and he held it up and it just said


so then Drew starts pressing me, he goes all fucking Frost/Nixon.

“How do you incorporate skateboards into Judiasm, Joshua?”

and i just pulled a line outta my ass and said…

“Well, Drew. We go to local high schools and try to turn Religious Extremism into Religious X-TREMEism!” and then I think I did an air guitar solo.

That's when Drew's face sorta changed and he got more quiet and stopped joking with me, because I guess that sounded enough like a bumper sticker or some shit that he actually believed me (that's why the cut is so weird when it goes to “HE REALLY IS A SKATEBOARD RABBI!”) You could almost see the wheels turning in his head like he's all “Oh shit, I was just making fun of a man of god! I gotta stop! FUCK! JEWS WRITE LETTERS”

so yeah. I'm not a rabbi, just another Jewish comedian with glasses and a fucking beard.

also, about the dolly parton shirt: it is NOT ironic. i wore it because i bought it the LAST time I did mushrooms in public– at a Dolly Parton concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I CRIED 3 TIMES. SHE PLAYED STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ON A FUCKING HARP, TALKED SHIT ABOUT WHITNEY HOUSTON FOR STEALING HER SONG, AND TRIED TO DO STANDUP. No joke she was all “kids today need to get their heads outta facebook and get their face in the GOOD book.” GROAN i know but, again, MUSHROOMS, so I actually saw her words come out in blue comic sans.

Anyway, i'm rambling. Drew Carey was super nice and really funny. thanks for watching me be an idiot on TV.

EDIT: Holy shit, thank you guys so much for all the awesome comments about me, and more specifically, my beard.

COME TO MY COMEDY SHOW! It's called HAMCLOWN! It's the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month in Hollywood at The Little Modern Theater. We've had Kyle Kinane, Dave Foley, Maria Bamford, Eddie Pepitone, and A TON of other people. Always Free. PLUS we give away free beer! Show starts at 9:30. The next show is August 29th!

Also, if you'd like to follow other stupid shit I do, I'm on twitter @shutupandrosky

I fucking love you, Reddit. Let's drink brown liquor and hug for an uncomfortably long amount of time.

There was a small part of us that really wanted Skateboard Rabbi to be real, but Androsky is definitely the next best thing. Like he says above, you can catch him twice a month at the Little Modern Theater in Hollywood — or at least follow his all-caps, shroomed-out comedy barfs on Twitter.

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