Wow … just, wow. We're so glad someone out there was able to cheer us up about Jonathan Gold's impending departure with this hilarious (and, may we say, exquisitely crafted) rap tribute to the Pulitzer Prize winner's list of 99 Essential Restaurants. (You didn't think we'd go one post without mentioning that accolade, did you?)

LAist got the backstory from CBS Sunday Morning contributor/rapmaster Conor Knighton, who says it took him more than a year to visit every place but just minutes to concoct this rap. A rap is fitting, really, considering Gold was once a music critic for this very publication and wrote for Rolling Stone. Whether he's a greater expert on SGV or N.W.A is still debated.

Knighton's little ditty is to the tune of a familiar Jay-Z song, reminding us that even when we've got 99 problems, restaurants ain't one if Jonathan Gold has anything to do with it.

Video after the jump:

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