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If you've recently found yourself in a local bar thinking, “Wow, this place really sucks,” one of two things needs to happen: 1. You must accept that you're getting older, and move on to a more age-appropriate location or 2. Jon Taffer needs to visit and whip that place into shape.

The bar and restaurant expert, money-making machine and star of Bar Rescue was back in L.A. recently shooting two episodes of the Spike reality show in which he uses his know-how to fix up struggling bars.

When we first met Taffer, he was in Burbank, going all Gordon Ramsay on the owners of Champs. This time around, Taffer and his team hit Weber's Place in Reseda and Extremes Sports Bar & Grill in Orange.

Mum's the word right now on exactly what changes were employed at each place, but Taffer had this to say: “Both L.A.-area shoots were great because the final transformed concepts are so much fun. Plus, the amazing expertise of an L.A.-based crew makes shooting here smoother and easier.”

That may be the case, but if last season of the show is any indication, Taffer likely still found someone to yell at.

No word yet on when these episodes air, but we'll update the post when we find out.

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