If we learned one thing about Jon Taffer, host of Spike TV's Bar Rescue, in our interview with him earlier this year, it's that the man is all about making money. He knows all the tricks to make that happen in the bar trade, but apparently in the TV industry as well, since Spike has renewed the series for a second season, set to air in summer of 2012.

On Bar Rescue, Taffer seeks out bars and restaurants across the country that are struggling to survive financially. He rips them apart to create a new look and a new vibe, and hopefully resuscitate the establishment.

And Taffer makes no bones about his how he does it.

He cares little about the taste of the food, for example, just how much profit you're making on it. With more than 30 years of bar ownership and management experience under his belt, Taffer says he knows how to make you not only come to his bar, but stay longer, and order the most expensive drinks. And trust us, if he wants you to order the Prime Rib, you'll order the Prime Rib. He'll design the menu so you do. It's a science, he told us — one that he applied to help the businesses he visits on Bar Rescue.

No word yet on whether he'll hit up L.A. on his season two tour, but he'll be at the Long Beach Marriott on November 1st leading a seminar for restaurant industry professionals on how to maximize profit. If you're in the hospitality business and care to pony up the $195 to attend, (or, if you're just morbidly curious to learn his Jedi mind tricks) click here for more information.

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