Former Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten and a woman who sued him over alleged abuses, including a punch in the nose, have agreed to settle.

Lawyers for Roxane Davis filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Jan. 28 stating that the case was resolved, although no terms were divulged. Davis sued in June 2008 and filed an amended version about four months later. Citing 19 causes of action, she maintains that the singer — whose real name is John Lydon — humiliated her with a verbal tirade and punched her in the face. She also alleges retaliation, wrongful termination, assault and battery.

Davis was working as a talent producer for Bodog Music Ltd., which produced the Fuse Television Network reality program “Bodog Battle of the Bands.” The show featured Lydon as a judge. The 54-year-old Lydon, who went on to form Public Image Ltd., allegedly was unhappy with accommodations Davis arranged for him at the Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland hotel in January 2007.

Lydon was a judge on Bodog Battle of the Bands when he allegedly punched a rep for the show.

In her deposition, Davis stated that Lydon was angry that she could not find him a room that had a door to an adjoining room where his assistant Jon “Rambo” Stevens was staying.

“He started calling me names,” Davis stated. “And when I told him he couldn't speak to me that way he pulled back his fist and hit me.”

Lydon, who lives in Los Angeles, denied any wrongdoing.

LA Weekly