At first we thought this was a joke. John Mayer hosts a cruise that disembarks in San Pedro and takes a journey to Cabo St. Lucas; it sounded like one of his yuck-worthy pranks. Then we started getting more emails, and links to the cruise site. Lo and behold, this thing is real, and sets sail tomorrow from San Pedro.

Of course, oddball cruises are fairly commonplace. There have been punk cruises, goth cruises. jam band cruises and rave cruises — we're waiting for the PJ Harvey cruise — but really never figured on John “Love/Hate” Mayer hosting one. Turns out this is his second, and actually sounds like a pretty fun four days.

Among the featured performers on the cruise: Mayer, O.A.R., Guster, Jessie Baylin, Martin Sexton, James Hunter, Brendan James, Erin McCarley, DJ Logic and others. They'll gig at different venues at varying times throughout the four days.

Music aside, your activities could include late night karaoke, bingo, Rock Band competitions, a songwriter's workshop, organized Flip Cup (a drinking game), Hangover Yoga and, yes, lots and lots of gambling.

Of course, all of the fun you might have is contingent upon whether this particular batch of performers floats you proverbial boat; if not, it could be a Cruise from Hell.

We're headed to the big-ass red-carpet opening night gala tonight, which will feature performances by Mayer, Gavin Rossdale, Jordin Sparks, O.A.R., Sara Bareilles, Guster and Erin McCarley. The gala is a benefit for VH1's Save the Music Foundation, a very worthy charity whose mission is to restore instrumental music education in American public schools.

A full report tomorrow.

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