Can we please get a moment of silence for John Edwards' ridiculously happy mug shot, snapped just after he was arrested for one of the most evil affairs in the history of the U.S. government?

Anthony Weiner may be a metro sexter with unjustified levels of boner pride, and JFK may have screwed every “it” thing in Hollywood while the First Lady dutifully redecorated the White House, and Ahnold may have impregnated another Kennedy in the same week as their fugly housekeep

But former North Carolina Senator and almost-Vice-President Edwards set a new low with his 2006-07 love tryst. Not only was his upstanding wife dying of cancer at the time, Edwards actually fathered a baby to L.A. actress/campaign staffer Rielle Hunter, then allegedly used hundreds of thousands of campaign funds to cover the thing up in 2008.

Not that you would know it from his North Carolina booking photo, released today:

Credit: Getty Images via KTLA

Credit: Getty Images via KTLA

Maybe he's thinking about how quick he's going to post bail, what with that bulging, disposable campaign-fund account? Edwards' charges, aside from adultery and douchbaggery, via the New York Post:

Prosecutors say Edwards, the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, knew that two donors made $925,000 in under-the-table contributions, and that the money was used to hide his affair with Rielle Hunter during the 2008 presidential campaign. The legal limit for individual contributions is $2,300.

So glad Elizabeth Edwards isn't alive to see this. The same cannot be said for Edwards' other famous smile snapshot, via the National Enquirer, with love child allegedly on knee:

Credit: National Enquirer

Credit: National Enquirer

May his better half rest in peace.


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