There's a new kid in school.

According to the Daily News, Los Angeles School District's new deputy superintendent John Deasy began his first day at work on Monday. Deasy, who is rumored to be taking over as chief superintendent following Cortines' retirement in spring, is already having to deal with the delicate politics of Los Angeles' turbulent school district.

“We want someone with new ideas to keep the reform agenda moving,” Penny Wohlstetter, director of USC's Center on Educational Governance told the Daily News. “But the problem in L.A. … is you also need someone who can deal with the racial politics and work with all the different political actors.”

According to the Daily News, Deasy had reportedly given senior staff members a memo that ordered them to bring organizational charts, concrete lists, staff duties, and other details during their first in-person meeting with him.

“This district has a history of `killing' outsiders, and they have done this to people who have had the best of intentions,” Cortines wrote in a email to Deasy after hearing the complaints about the memo. “I encourage you to get to know people and listen to their ideas, their concerns, and their aspirations.”

Deasy, however, was unapologetic for his urgency.

“People will come to trust and understand my style,” he said during an interview last week at the district headquarters.

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