While his sister and mother reportedly looked on in horror, 18-year-old John Albrigo from West Hills flew off the edge of Palos Verdes Estates cliff yesterday morning, killing himself on the rocks 250 feet below.

The Daily Breeze has pieced together Albrigo's final few hours. First, by chance, a counselor working with two girls at nearby Palos Verdes Estates High School noticed the young man “praying and chanting,” arms outstretched, on the edge of the cliff.

So the counselor convinced him to sit with her and the girls under a tree for a while…

… where he allegedly told them his name was Jesus, that he was depressed and that he “had issues with his father.” Their odd conversation, as relayed to the Breeze:

“He said: `I'm in so much pain that I have to take my life. There's nothing I can live for. At 11:11 I have to take my life,”' [counselor Colleen Ecker] said. “He was the most charismatic, delightful, energetic, spiritual person. He quoted biblical passages and loved talking to the girls.”

Ecker said Albrigo continued to talk with the high school girls about his spiritual beliefs and some strange things that she didn't understand, including a belief that he was the “chosen one” and a focus on numerology.

Soon after, his mom and sister arrived to help. But Ecker tells the Breeze that “he seemed quite determined … he definitely didn't want to live.” Albrigo began arguing with mom so loudly that a neighbor called the cops.

Palos Verdes Estates police Sergeant Steve Barber tells the end of the story:

“As soon as the cop pulled up, he said, `Thank you for your help. I have something I have to do,' and he started running. He had a happy glow. He went off the edge like a bird and fell flat on the rocks.”

The “R.I.P. John Albrigo” Facebook group recalls the jumper as “a guy like no other. He was always smiling and thats how he would like people to remember him.”

Albrigo, who listed himself on Facebook as a senior at Oak Park High (located a ways east through the Valley), posted this video to his own wall one day before the suicide:

The counselor says she watched Albrigo take cellphone pictures of himself before making the dive.

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