Call it another front in the N.Y. versus L.A. war, but now Los Angeles Dodger manager Joe Torre has launched a salvo against his former team, the New York Yankees. In an Associated Press story picked up by NBC Sports/MSNBC and other sources, Torre's new book, The Yankee Years, spills the dirt on:

  •  Celebrity slugger Alex Rodriguez (dubbed “A-Fraud” by resentful teammates) who, Torre says, developed an obsession over shortstop Derek Jeter.

  • The Yankees' all-controlling owner, George Steinbrenner, who already knew of Torre's prostate cancer diagnosis before Torre himself heard the news from doctors. (See N.Y. Post review.)

  • Team general manager Brian Cashman, whom Torre regarded as an ally, only to feel betrayed by him in the end, when the Yankees offered Torre a humiliating one-year contract at reduced pay — after he brought the Yankees to six pennants and four World Series victories in a dozen seasons.

The book, co-authored by Sports Illustrated scribe Tom Verducci, appears next week. S.I. has an interview with Verducci, who explains the book's context.

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