For all of you who love nothing better than to sip tea and eat Kristy Choo's glorious macarons on Jin Patisserie's charming outside patio, you're going to need to get there soon for a few last tea times. Choo's Abbott Kinney shop will be closing its doors for good on Sunday, March 24.

Choo cites a big jump in her rent as the reason for the shop's closing after almost 10 years in its current location. BUT before you all freak out entirely, Choo also assures us that she's looking for a new location and hopes to reopen soon. In the meantime, maybe get over to Venice — she's having a tea sale — and enjoy those remarkable pastries and chocolates while you can.

“Hopefully I'll find a new location soon,” Choo told us by phone this morning. “I'm not going to close; I've been doing this for 10 years. Hopefully we'll expand and be even better. We will not just disappear.” Choo said that she knew the rent increase was coming, so she began moving her production to a new off-site facility in Culver City three months ago. Thus, after Jin closes, you'll still be able to order Choo's lovely products by phone, email or through her website.

As for when and where she'll relocate, Choo says she's making the Westside her first priority, but “I don't want to jump into anything. I want to concentrate on my wholesale customers.” So head over to Venice for your Earl Grey, salted caramel, raspberry and pistachio macaron fix — and know that you can always order them after next month. And we'll keep you posted on the new location.

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