Jimmy Wong continues to perfect the art of being more awesome than the rest of us. The 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist, actor, goofball and YouTube sensation launched a new YouTube channel in December where he and his hyper-adorable co-host, Ashley Adams, show you how to re-create the food and drinks from your favorite nerd-centric video games, TV shows and movies. In the photo above, they show off the finish product inspired by cake found in the video game Minecraft.

Most people discovered Wong through his witty and catchy retort to UCLA student Alexandra Wallace, “Ching Chong! Asians in the Library Song.” Many folks joined his existing fans and continued to follow his weekly YouTube updates, where he posts a variety of original songs as well as covers and old-school video game theme songs. You can even buy his songs on iTunes, where 100% of the proceeds benefit charity.

In December Wong announced that he would be expanding his already enormous YouTube presence and jumping on the food bandwagon with a show called Feast of Fiction. He and his co-host Adams are a classic duo in the style of Dean Martin (Adams) and Jerry Lewis (Wong). Adams does most of the heavy lifting as far as instruction and demonstration goes, while Wong runs around in costumes and takes on more of an assistant's role when it comes to the actual cooking. In the first episode they made Sunlight Soufflé from Skyrim; they've since conquered such classics and modern favorites as the Heart Potion from Zelda, three varieties of Butterbeer and both Futurama staples Slurm and Bachelor Chow.

They welcome guests and even teamed up with Epic Meal Time to pay homage to Lord of the Rings and recreated the Elvish version of a power bar, Lembas Bread. Of course, with Epic Meal Time involved, this meant there were a couple deviations involving bacon. The online countertop cooking show is so cleverly executed it's only a matter of time before Jimmy and Ashley are approached by a network — that is, if they haven't already been. Hey G4, you need something to run after X-Play and before Epic Meal Time?

Check out their new feasts every week.

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