So what if you've performed at the Hollywood Bowl? Or CBGB? Or the Apollo? How many singers can boast of having performed at Twin Peaks' motherfucking Black Lodge, aka that creepy room with the red curtains and the backward-speaking little guy in the red suit? Only one: Jimmy Scott, the 86-year-old singer formerly known as “Little” Jimmy Scott and renowned for never having outgrown his boy's contralto register (that's like a male soprano). He's coming to town to interpret his repertoire of torch songs and magisterial covers — check out his definitive version of Lennon's “Jealous Guy.”

Echo management says the last time Scott played there, he had to be carried onstage in his wheelchair. But from a very young age Scott put a voice to dignified frailty, so the signs of aging on his body now just match the poignancy of that unforgettable voice.

Needless to say, a Jimmy Scott appearance is an uncommon occurrence, so there's no reason to stay home with his essential discography — Falling in Love Is Wonderful (1963), The Source (1969) and his rediscovery albums, Dream and Heaven (1994, 1996). Watch the indie mecca in Echo Park turn into a timeless supper club by dint of the sheer magic of the man's ageless, genderless voice. PS: Be sure to come very early, as the show's over at 10:30.

Jimmy Scott performs Fri., July 22, at the Echoplex, 1822 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park. $13. All ages.

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