Gotta love the L.A. City Council. Not only does it not get anything done, pass silly laws like a cat declawing ban as our streets fester with potholes, and take years to get a grip on issues like marijuana dispensaries (fruitlessly, of course), but this good old boys club that includes the highest-paid municipal reps in the nation likes to kick back and have a good laugh on your dime once in a while.

Today a ceremony recognizing the accomplishments of city Councilman Eric Garcetti in his role as council president turned into a roast, and gay jokes were the flavor of the day:

Garcetti, by the way, is handing the baton to this guy.

The City Maven witnessed the occasion and reports that the star of the show was Jimmy Kimmel, who said:

Jimmy Kimmel live at City Hall.

Jimmy Kimmel live at City Hall.

… Everyone seems to like this guy and it's easy to understand why everyone likes him — because he cares, he's a wonderful piano player, he's a very tender lover. Was I not suppose to mention that?


Then, noting Garcetti's service as a military reservist, Councilman Mitch Englander tried to top that:

The only promise that Eric has not stood up to, to me so far, was that he promised to give me a photo of him in his Navy uniform for my wallet. I haven't gotten that yet.

“In the Navy.” Get it?

Slaps knee. Super funny.

Unless you're gay. Which is funny, given how (pardon the pun) bend-over-backwards-P.C. this council is.

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