Los Angeles Ink Stains started out as painter Jim “Food One” Mahfood's personal labor of love during the slowest days of the 2008 economic dip. With art gigs scarce even for the most prolific and popular illustrators and designers like Mahfood, but still having plenty to say, he launched Ink Stains as a serial comic on his blog on New Year's Day 2009. His single-page strips depicted the sun-drenched, debauched and sometimes dead-serious adventures of the artist and his crew — which includes some of the city's most famous artists and DJs, plus loads of fabulous and gorgeous people you've never heard of. He posted Ink Stains regularly on his blog, and it caught on fast; with Mahfood's extensive work in publishing over the years, it was inevitable that the strip would become a book. That book is Los Angeles Ink Stains, and it includes the complete online strip plus some 30 pages of new, never-before-released installments, flashbacks and surprises. Laid out like a yearbook, maybe the coolest part is the index of the entire cast with both their pictures and drawn portraits. And because the strip always was about celebrating the people who make Mahfood's L.A. special and crazy, just like a yearbook does, it's only right that its official release party be a special black-and-white adult-themed prom party, right? The entire cast will be there, ready and willing to sign your copy in between trips to the bar, taco truck and dance floor, and to celebrate the most ridiculous days of their forever-young lives. Black, white and gray prom attire and a hard-core party attitude strictly enforced. Titmouse Studios, 1121 Seward St., Hlywd.; Sat., June 16, 7 p.m.-mid.; $15-$250. indiegogo.com/LAInkStainsProm.

Sat., June 16, 7 p.m., 2012

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