Thanks to satellite radio, Jim Gaffigan’s bit about Hot Pockets has become his “Satisfaction.” “Occasionally I’ll be walking through an airport and someone will just look at me and say ‘Hot Pocket.’ I’ve yet to figure out an appropriate response. I normally just say, ‘Um, thanks.’ To be honest, I still like to do Hot Pockets material; they keep introducing new Hot Pockets every eight hours so the Hot Pocket material keeps growing.” The actor and comedian comes to the Wiltern to stretch his comic muscles for lovers of clever insights and molten-lava-like snacks.

What’s on your mind, comedywise, these days?

My new material tackles today’s most important issues like fried chicken, recycling and going to the pharmacy.

The Wiltern is a classy joint. What will you wear?

I was thinking of an evening gown. I’ve really made an effort to gain some weight for my Wiltern show. I think I’ll arrive in a rickshaw.

When in L.A., do you hit the clubs?

I’m not really a club guy, I’m more of a grocery store guy. I do try to hit a grocery store whenever I’m in L.A. Wait — is there a club for In-N-Out yet?

Do your kids think you’re funny?

As much as I travel, I’m thrilled that they still recognize me. Making my kids laugh is one of my favorite things to do.

Are they funny?

They are so funny. Friends always ask if they are gonna start auditioning. I tell them no way. Besides, they are too busy with their construction jobs.

Who do people mistake you for (and congratulations on your Oscar for Capote)?

Thanks, but I don’t think Katherine Keener won the Academy Award. Did she? I do get confused for Phil Hoffman every now and then. I find in the entertainment industry you either get too much respect or not enough. I feel when I’m confused for one of America’s finest actors I’m getting both. Interestingly, people always seem to know someone who looks like me. They’ll say, “I have a friend that looks like you.” I always respond, “Tell them hi, and get sunscreen.”

The Wiltern tickets are $29.75. How manylaughs can we expect to get for that?

I was gonna say 2,975 laughs, but with that Ticketmaster charge let’s say 5,000.

The Wiltern, Wilshire Blvd. & Western Ave., L.A.; Sat., Nov. 18, 8 p.m.; $29.75. (213) 480-3232.

—Libby Molyneaux

LA Weekly