It's nice to know where the anti-same-sex-marriage-law backers are coming from in the challenge to Prop. 8 being heard in San Francisco this week. Indeed, on Tuesday they seemed to put their cards on the table by invoking Christianity, Jesus Christ, and his apostles.

It might not have been the second coming, but Jesus was in the house when pro-Prop. 8 attorney cross examined history Professor Nancy Cott in the U.S. district court challenge to California's ban on same sex marriage. He asked her if contemporary marriage laws have ties to Christianity and if the concept of monogamy is a result of what society has learned from Jesus and his apostles.

“I know very little about Jesus Christ and his apostles,” Cott said (via the San Jose Mercury-News).

Earlier in the day she was asked if procreation was the purpose of marriage. She said no, using President George Washington as an example: He was sterile when he married later in life. “Procreative ability has never been a qualification for marriage,” she testified.

It's almost funny looking back all the way to yesterday and recalling out the Washington Examiner newspaper called out the Los Angeles Times for describing Prop. 8's backers as “conservative.” I mean, Jesus Christ: The bible hath been officially thumped.

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