Black Sabbath

Paranoid (Warner Bros.)

Jesters of Destiny get Paranoid: Ray Violet of the Jesters of Destiny told us about his love for a Black Sabbath classic.

Ray Violet: It is difficult to choose this album because it’s so popular and it dates me-jajaja (but I have to). I can mention Ozzy Osborne’s plaintive howling or the fact that Geezer Butler and Bill Ward created such a muscular rhythm section but it was more of overall sound of the record with Tony Iommi’s driving/over-the-top guitar playing and his SOUNDS in my face that make it my favorite album.

Black Sabbath Paranoid

(Warner Bros.)

The album and the songs (for one example; “Jack the Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots” move through moods, always holding simple sounds of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. All the heaviness is even more palatable as it’s not an unending onslaught. This is why I’ve repeatedly gone back to it over a long period of time.

“Hand of Doom”; The song encapsulates the whole album’s movements; Slow and heavy, then ominous space, then Geezer and Bill detonating with Tony’s out of this world guitar blasting and Ozzy over the top. It’s like riding an insane roller coaster each listen. With all that said, describing my favorite album is like trying to describe the taste of a strawberry. You have to taste it to know what I mean. ”Put the needle on”

Jesters of Destiny get Paranoid: The Jesters of Destiny’s Distorting Everything album is out from October 25, and the “Your Lord Good God” single is out now.








































































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