If it becomes public knowledge that parents can barely make it through a weekday without a little happy-hour action, will the human species cease to exist?

Recently, MTV News writer Molly Lambert tweeted the following: “uber driver told me about a rich girl who takes an uber black car from Harvard Westlake to Malibu every day — they've all picked her up.”

It was met with much scoffing at the ruling class, and a sense that those parents probably just don't feel like doing the work of picking up their child from school. But news from Au Fudge, the Jessica Biel–affiliated West Hollywood restaurant that purports to cater to children, raises the question: Are this girl's parents just up in the club every afternoon?

Au Fudge is promoting an “adults only” happy hour to kick off the school year. The happy hour is weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m. You know, when the school day and extracurriculars are dispersing and kids need to … well, they don't have to go home but they can't stay here (school).  The happy hour includes deals on snacks, but the focus is on cocktails, beer and wine. And reduced-price babysitting in the supervised, adjacent playroom. 

Goodness knows there's nothing wrong with a tipple or a booze-soaked bacchanal, any day of the week. But aren't parents supposed to remember that their kids exist, and like, be able to legally drive them around? On the other hand, it has been a hallmark of society for the entirety of human history to pretend that parenthood is fulfilling — maybe this new honesty is good thing! And it seems to be creating work for servers and Uber drivers! 

Plus the Au Fudge happy hour includes a $10 cheeseburger, which is a good deal for a nonchain L.A. restaurant. And the cakes are gorgeous. 

Kids need to learn to be independent, anyway.

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