Worst DJ news ever.

While your favorite house jockey has been toiling behind the decks for years trying to make enough to pay her electricity bill, Jersey Shore's Pauly D is pulling down (wait for it … ) $50,000 per gig.

So says the show's co-creator, SallyAnn Salsano, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

That's a lot of cheddar to cheesy play hip-hop and dance pop when your iPod could do a better job. But if you see video of Pauly in action, you know it's not about the music.

The girls can't seem to get enough of his spiky-Italian American good looks.

You can take some solace in knowing, however, that at $250,000 a gig, trance king Tiesto still makes five times as much as a TV star behind the decks.

Pauly D? Pauly D's nuts.

LA Weekly