On June 12, two calls came in to the CHP, minutes apart from one another. The first, at 3:31pm, reported an incident of highway violence on I-5 north near 7th Street. The second, at 3:33pm, reported the suspects had fled the scene.

“The whole incident took two minutes,” CHP Officer Christian Baldonado says. “By the time our units get there, no one is there. The fire department also goes and sweeps the area, they don't find anyone.”

The story might have ended there if it wasn't uploaded to the website LiveLeak by an out of work croupier and casino dealer in Northern Ireland.

It was picked up by news outlets around L.A. yesterday, and this morning, the CHP held a press conference addressing the matter. This afternoon, NBC LA reporter Antonio Castelan tweeted that the victim has been identified as Jerry Patterson.

LA Weekly