Jerry Lopez – A Visionary Who Built his Career from Scratch

The concept of virtual currency is always about more than money – the real innovation is what people are doing with the technology it is based on.  Bitcoin, which has been called many things, from the ‘future of money’ to a ‘drug dealer’s dream’ and everything else in between, became the source of the introduction of blockchain technology to the world. The influence of the motivation to solve problems associated with financial transactions was witnessed in blockchain technology, which was originally intended to facilitate digital financial transactions.

In no time, blockchain became the buzzword of the year and this disruptive technology became the reason thousands of people started changing their LinkedIn biographies to “blockchain consultant,” “blockchain expert,” and “ICO advisor,” and something similar to what happened with social media in 2008/09 was witnessed. A horde of experts, armed only with phantom knowledge, began to gradually saturate the market. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that at the moment, the ability to distinguish between improvised experts and the few who truly possess the competencies is the most valuable skill to have in the sector. Several companies, including the Long Island Iced Tea Corp, have tried to ride the wave by renaming their company something that included the word “blockchain,” resulting in a 289 percent increase in their stock price. While blockchain is currently used as a marketing tool, it is much more than that, in fact, it is an innovation that has the potential to fundamentally alter the current paradigm, resulting in substantial changes.

Blockchains have created quite a stir in the financial world over the last year due to the astronomical gains that investors have seen during this time. However, it is important to note that the tech is still in its infancy. Many observers have compared blockchains in 2018 to the internet back in 1994, interpreting that it is now all set for entrepreneurs to adopt. Furthermore, because of its numerous business benefits, it has become the newest trend in the corporate world.

In addition, the blockchain market is expected to reach 163 billion USD by 2027. With such a rise in its usage, many entrepreneurs are adopting the technology to grow in their niches; similar is an individual named Jerry Lopez, who started from scratch and became a millionaire in blockchain technology.

Born on December 24, 1978, in Puerto Rico, Jerry Lopez is a blockchain and network marketing expert, as well as the creator of Philcoin, a global philanthropic blockchain ecosystem. He is well-known for his contributions to the blockchain industry as well as the philanthropic movement. Lopez received his Master’s degree from Open Bible Institute and his Doctorate in Christian Counseling from the Vision International University of Florida. He is also a Theo Therapeutic Counselor who is certified by the International Reciprocity Board of Therapeutic Professionals Counselors (IRBO).

Growing up in poverty, Lopez always had the determination to rise beyond all odds and make a name for himself. This motivation helped his transition from being a mountain boy in Puerto Rico to a successful entrepreneur with a Doctorate in Counseling. The drive to achieve his dreams propelled him to move to the mainland of the United States, and his perseverance enabled him to become a multi-millionaire by the age of 30 in real estate, construction, and network marketing.

Lopez has a background in marketing and serves as a pastor at Radical Movement Ministries in Orlando, Florida. By being interested in company culture, strategic leadership, and brand creation, he has established organizations in over 50 countries and influenced tens of thousands of people doing the same job.

During his marketing career, Lopez had the opportunity to be a partner in two product companies based in the United States: SAVI Health and Lyfestart. Both companies merged in 2014, led by Mike Larkins, Dennis Web, and Lopez, which were later sold to Modere. Lopez was introduced to the blockchain space in 2015, and since then, he has been creating and developing strategies to redistribute wealth around the world, as well as establishing global partnerships with those who share his vision for building a philanthropic global movement built on the blockchain.

Following his passion, Lopez became the founder of Philcoin, the world’s first philanthropic blockchain ecosystem. According to reports, Philcoin’s ecosystem includes a social platform, free educational resources, one of the first donate-and-earn staking mechanisms, NFT (or non-fungible token) referral rewards, an encrypted messenger service, and over a thousand charities.

He is also the creator of PHILApp, a social app that allows users to access educational courses, donate to charities and users of the social app, and connect with people all over the world via its custom-built social app, and much more. Philcoin’s token can be used to transact within this ecosystem, assisting in the generation of wealth for all, and tokens can be staked using the world’s first-ever donate-and-earn staking mechanism.

Lopez went on to say that this puts them in a good position to provide frictionless services to people all over the world. He stated that they have a customer base of more than 250,000 users worldwide via their app and that they expect this figure to grow. “Imagine how much potential that holds when millions of people can use Philcoin and its donate-and-earn products to empower themselves while also empowering others,” said Lopez.

With blockchain technologies having the potential to improve businesses by providing greater visibility and accountability, entrepreneurs like Jerry Lopez are much needed by the entire world to uncover the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology.

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