State Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown will appear on the Dr Phil show Wednesday to talk about prescription-drug crime and the link he made recently between a pill ring and the death of actor Corey Haim, according to a statement from Brown's office.

Brown announced an arrest in the San Diego-based ring last week after revealing earlier this month that his office had helped to uncover the crew, which he alleged was responsible for circulating 5,000 fraudulent prescriptions via bootleg doctor's pads. A prescription drug apparently in Haim's possession at the time of his death was linked to the unauthorized, blank pads.

Haim's agent, Mark Heaslip, was scheduled to join the discussion on Dr Phil. Valium, Vicodin and a muscle relaxant were found in the apartment Haim shared with his mother following his death in early March.

His mother, however, says a coroner's official told her his cause of death was linked to an enlarged heart.

The show was scheduled to air on KCBS2 at 4 p.m. and KCAL9 at 7 p.m.

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