California Attorney Jerry Brown said late Tuesday he'd consider challenging President Obama's “universal coverage” health-care law at the behest of some of the state's Republican leaders, but he didn't sound enthusiastic about it (to say the least).

Ever the team player, Brown expressed his willingness to explore the state's legal options in regard to the federal health care package. “I've instructed deputies in my office to carefully review these claims in light of applicable constitutional principles,” Brown stated.

Thirteen attorneys general in states across the land, all but one Republican, announced they would challenge the health-care law in court on the grounds that it infringes on states' rights by forcing people to purchase coverage.

“Health care is not the place, with people's lives at stake, to engage in poisonous partisanship,” Brown concluded. “At this critical time in our nation's history, we need to come together to forge a common purpose.”

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, by the way, is a rare Republican who isn't planning on standing in the way of the politically divisive bill.

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