State Attorney General Jerry Brown took his time to declare his gubernatorial candidacy, has vowed he would engage in “no mudslinging,” and has been fairly quiet against his rivals far, preferring to let his activities as California's top lawman grab headlines for him. But Democrat's gloves appeared to come off in a just-published interview with Los Angeles magazine. More than a few times, he alluded to Republican frontrunner and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman in a not-so-positive light:

Brown trumpets his decades of leadership experience ” … instead of someone who has virtually never voted, has only an indifferent interest in government or politics to wake up and say, 'Well, I have all this extra capital, so I guess I'll run for governor.' That seems to me a far thinner set of credentials, given the enormous challenges we face,” Brown told journalist Ed Leibowitz. (The Q&A was not yet online).


“A private takeover of the public airwaves through the spending of hundreds of millions of dollars has never been attempted before. It's almost akin to a totalitarian ministry of information.”


” … The private sector is not the golden road to political success … Government deals with a range of political and civic expectations that are far different from running a movie business or an internet auction house.”

So have have you ever bought anything on eBay? “No, I go on eBay to see how well my old campaign buttons are doing … “

What would it mean for campaign politics in California if Meg Whitman wins the election? “I think it will be the wave of the future if it works. … [Then] you'll see a revolt from that and a reaction and a revolution that will result … “

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